white dude: stereotypes exist for a reason if u think about it
[someone on the other side of the planet says a stereotype about white dudes]
white dude: [materializes out of nowhere] what the fuck we all don’t do that why do you hate us

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Joan of Arc by Albert Lynch (1851-1912)
engraving from Figaro Illustre magazine, 1903

Joan of Arc by Albert Lynch (1851-1912)

engraving from Figaro Illustre magazine, 1903

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playing truth or dare
more like



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Marilyn Monroe in ‘All About Eve’, 1950.

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repeating opossum and rose pattern! Feel free to use with credit! If you want it on real things and not just your blog check out my shop!!

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I hope Miss Claudette is okay.

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Megamind - 'Bad Guy' vs ‘Nice Guy’

Seriously, if you haven’t see this movie, you really, really should. There are so many great things about Megamind: anti-bullying, great female character, funny jokes, touching scenes, very detailed animation, super awesome music… The gif set above is probably my favourite thing, however: Nice Guy is the bad guy.

Yeah I’ve kinda wanted to talk about this a lot.

Megamind is the villain, the “bad guy”. She makes it clear that she doesn’t want him. He respects it and walks off. It comes up a few more times but it’s more of an “are you sure?” or “thats how it is” than any sort of demand.

Hal is the new “hero”. His crush on Roxanne turns into an immediate “You love me now because I’m a superhero!” and when she makes it clear that she doesn’t want him, his reaction is to tantrum, then destroy the city, inevitably killing people, and attempting to kill both Roxanne and Megamind.

Hal’s legitimately scary because women have to deal with behavior like his on a constant basis. Don’t be a Hal. Be a Megamind. RESPECT THE “NO”.

Unrelated, but my other favorite thing, besides the whole “villain is a Nice Guy”, is that Minion cross-dresses and Megamind is completely serious when he says “you look fantastic”. Megamind is totally cool about his best friend cross-dressing and encourages it. That’s very important.

Roxanne also is the only character that moves the story along. All the other characters are having an existential crisis. Roxanne throws things and steps up first and is just a fucking queen.

Also I am like 200% convinced Megamind is bi. BUT THATS ME NOT OFFICIAL CANON although Dreamworks has like abandoned Megamind entirely so fandom says he’s bi THE END fandom-canon is now canon fight me on this

Sometimes I think this movie came out a few years too early. Tumblr would have loved the shit out of this. This movie fucks with stereotyped gender roles and Nice Guy thinking and just augh Dreamworks why did you let go of this why why why that was the worst decision ever why

This this this THIS THIS THIS

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